Best Burgers in Town

Juicy, delicious, ridiculous… all of our favourite spots for  burgers and sandwiches.


Recognised by the locals as one of the trendiest burger places in Barcelona, Oval lets you customise your burger by using a rich variety of extremely tasty ingredients.

Our favourite: Beef burger in white bread with cheddar, grilled pineapple, bacon, and fried egg. Served with a side of melted cheese fries and chipotle aioli.

€€€ | Eixample


Bacoa is often referred to as the best burger in town by locals and magazines. The group has 5 different restaurants spread out across Barcelona. Offering you the option to fully customise your burger, Bacoa uses high quality, traditional Spanish products to provide you with modern “hamburguesa”.

Our favourite: a “Japonesa” beef burger with bacon, manchego cheese, and a side of Bacoa French fries.

€€€ | Different Locations


Looking to enjoy a delicious sandwich and great beer? Chivuo’s Slow Street Food and Craft Beer is definitely the place for you.

Our favourite: Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich served with bacon cheese fries, and the homemade cheesecake to top it off.

€€ | Graciá

Big Al’s

Big Al’s is all about pulled pork nachos, chicken quesadillas, onion rings, craft beer, and so much more… But most importantly, they are known for making the quintessential American burger, in the real American way. The best part: you will be served in a great atmosphere, by an extremely friendly English speaking staff.

P.S. we recommend you to go on an empty stomach, as the portions are HUGE.

Our HandPick: chicken bacon ranch quesadilla for starters, followed by a mushroom dijon burger.

€€€€ |Eixample