¿HandPick Qué?

HandPickBCN aims to provide its users with detailed information on the most locally sought after restaurants, bars, events, venues, activities, and accommodation in Barcelona, for visitors of all budgets and tastes. Whether you are planning your trip to this amazing city, or you are already a resident, we promise to provide you with only the best experiences.

The idea of HandPickBCN came to light after an international student living in Barcelona was troubled by the fact that there isn’t a single  webpage or app that was completely free, and that combined all of the great things that the city has to offer. He was tired of having to browse through hundreds of webpages and blogs, and reading through thousands of confusing customer reviews in order to find the really good places to eat and have a drink. Therefore, he started on a mission to create the ultimate Barcelona guide. This guide was to feature only a limited number of spots, all of which were hand-picked based on the experiences of himself, his foodie acquaintances, and like minded gastronomy connoisseurs of the city.

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